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Custom Wall Canvas

The cost of custom wall canvas' s can be substantial especially if you need to order multiple. In my case I needed 3 so instead of buying elsewhere I put matters into my own hands and made my own! I started with plain white canvas's that you can get at any store - even the grocery store. I bought mine from Michael's. I then cut 1x2's I bought from Lowe's and stained them using Minwax's Special Walnut. I attached the boards using my brad nailer but if you don't have one you could use Gorilla glue and clamps. Once the wood frame was attached, I nailed a sawtooth hanger on the back of the 1x2. To attach the photo to the canvas I used sticky dots all around the photo - these things are STICKY! I could have also used a spray adhesive but if I ever wanted to reuse the photo somewhere else I didn't want to have the sticky residue on the back. The nice thing about using the sticky dots is they are easy to remove and they don't leave the photo sticky. What I love most about these are that instead of spending $50 on a new canvas I can just take off the old photo and print a new one for $10 and attach! If making these isn't something you are interested in send me a message and let me do the work!

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